Four Queens Casino

Four queens

The Four Queens Hotel and Casino is located in downtown Las Vegas on the Fremont Street Experience. Home to the Queen’s Machine, the world’s largest slot machine, the 690 room hotel and 40,000 sq ft casino is owned and operated by TLC Enterprises (A company owned by the White Court).

Construction began on November 16, 1964, opening in 1966. The casino is named after the builder Ben Goffstein’s four daughters, Faith, Hope, Benita, and Michele. It originally contained only 120 rooms and a 20,000 sq ft casino. In 1976 the casino expanded to 33,000 sq ft and changed decor to be warmer. Today the casino occupies the entire block bordered by Fremont St, Casino Center, Third Street, and Carson Avenue. The Four Queens was also a partner in renovating the downtown area and creating the Fremont Street experience.

During the Perfect Storm casefile, a warlock named Artemis used the Four Queens Casino as the center of his powerful ritual


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Four Queens Casino

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