House Rules

Tempting Fate

To encourage player participation, the following house rule is in effect (This gives players who really “get into” the game benefits over passive players):by doing certain things to aid the game, its website, or its forums, players can earn their characters bonus fate points for the next session. Most bonuses earn one fate point, and can only be gained once, but some are specified as having “Extraordinary Effort”, which allows players to earn two bonus fate points, or “Multiple”, which allows players to earn the fate point multiple times. The following are typical earners of fate points (Note: These are suggestions, others may be done with GM approval)

  • Come Dressed in Costume (Extraordinary Effort)(Multiple)
  • Add an Organization/Place/Character/Etc. to the Campaign’s Website (Note: Simplyu adding an item to the website won’t suffice, the item must be detailed) (Extraordinary Effort)(Multiple)
  • Join the Website
  • Join the Forum
  • Add your character’s picture to the website
  • Hand-craft an object in your character’s possession (Extraordinary Effort)(Multiple)
  • Write a diary entry (In the Adventure Log) detailing the events of the last adventure, and your character’s perspective (thoughts, emotions, etc.) (Multiple)(Extraordinary Effort)
  • Show up to a game(Multiple)
  • Pick a theme song for your character (ex. a wizard probably won’t have a modern song)

Example: Player 1 comes dressed in costume, has joined both the website, and the forum, and as done a highly detailed diary entry, and therefore has 5 bonus fate points at the beginning of the next game

House Rules

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