An Act of Fate

Edgar's Journal

Today was one hell of a kind of day. After a great couple weeks off, relaxing in my dark appartment, I was reminded of how messed up the world is. As soon as I made it to the office, Thomas Remark burst in the door, cut and bloody, yelling at us to stop our wards. Unfortunatley, I didn’t realize who he was right then, and I refused to stop the wards around our building. Annnnd then, of course, out of nowhere black shadows engulfed the whole building. After Thomas blasted one of the creatures with a burst of purple light (which is how I figured out that he actually was Thomas Remark), I was able to see that the creatures were fey in origin and that they had a weakness to light. I don’t have any idea what the heck Ryan was doing at this point, I’m pretty sure he transformed into a wolf and then just kind of sat still… anyways… after Thomas attacked, and Ryan sat down, I annihilated the remaining shadow creates with an explosion of fire.

After the attack, I asked Thomas what the hell was going on, and he told me that he had been attacked by the Winter, and that Lady Luck had stopped supplying him with power. Now that I think about it, I probably could of investigated a little more about the dark fey creatures that just engulfed our building. I mean, if those things were working for the Winter wouldn’t they have been a little more icy looking? Oh well, maybe i’ll have to go talk to Thomas later. Where was I… Oh yeah, well I remembered hearing somewhere that Lady Luck likes to hang out in a hotel/casino called the Mirage, so where else would we begin our investigation. We could’ve made it there faster but Ryan wouldn’t let me ride on his back while he was in wolf form, so we just took my car. Once we made it to the casino I walked up the the front desk and asked the first clerk I saw where Lady Luck was. He then told me she was in the casino gambling. After a very thorough search of the casino Ryan and I determined that Lady Luck was no where to be found. We returned to the clerk who
was clearly only actually interested in telling people what they wanted so that they would go inside the casino and gamble. At that point my I stepped closer to the clerk and my magic essense completely destroyed all the computers at the desk, scaring him. Then Ryan proceded to intimidate him until he crapped his pants. Finally his eyes flashed purple and he told us that Lady Luck had been taken by the Winter.

After that the rest is pretty much history. We founds a portal to Summer, asked for their assistance, got rejected and then travelled to Winter. Once we arived, we pretty much assumed that the largest building in the city would be where Mav would be preparing to exacute Lady Luck. So we rushed up the stairs, I distracted Mav, while Ryan and Warren took Lady Luck. Then we made a daring escape with the help of Lady Luck’s powers and made it back to Vegas safetly, and soudnly. Upon arrival of my small appartment I met a man who claimed he was my brother, and he pretty much forced me to make some kind of oath to save his life, but now if he doesn’t anything bad I’ll be killed by the Council. Phew! I could use a vacation right about now.

Warren Raith's Backstory
Promiscuous White Court Vampire

I grew up in West Side Hollywood. I am Caucasian and a devoted Satanist. My family circumstances were rocky, as my family tended to disapprove of the fact that I always tried to sacrifice my brothers to the great Overlord. In private school, I joined a cult as an extracurricular activity. Lacking long-term friends, I was always in trouble.

My first true, who showed me to his sister, really showed me who I was inside, especially after I screwed his sister. After that, my sister Lara Raith, showed me how far I could use my body, and how to survive in the real world. I learned that sex is okay, so long as you don’t think about who you screw.

When a bunch of Red Court Vampires move in on Raith territory, Lord Raith orders Warren to stop it. Warren calls in his friend Ryan to to track down the Reds.

After the death of the last of Ryan’s family, Ryan decided to track down a group of vampire hunters to the town of Elleswraith. Tracking down the same group after they betrayed the Raith Family Warren teamed up with Ryan.

Edgar's Backstory
Secret Opperative With The Mission to Destroy Evil

At the age of 4 his parents were both brutally murdered by an unknown vampire. At the age of 8, after living in an orphanage, in Moscow, Russia, for 4 years he was adopted by a powerful wizard known as Vazel Rineheart. Vazel was a caring man, who recognized Edgar’s affinity for magic and trained the young boy in the hopes that he would never meet the same fate as his parents. There are still secrets in Edgar’s past, unanswered questions, because Edgar was never told that his parents were murdered, in order to protect his innocence, and Vazel somehow knew about it, much more than he should have… also, why, if the same vampire who killed his wife, did kill his parents, and was watching him, why would the vampire not find Edgar while he was in the orphanage, he would’ve been an easy target…

When Edgar was 23, Vazel passed away, and after growing up in Russia, Edgar moved to Prague, the capitol of The Czech Republic. There he Edgar met Lillian, the love of his life. She was killed 1 week after their marraige and was found, lying face down on the floor of their appartment, sucked dry of all her blood. Edgar swore revenge and began to tirelessly hunt down the vampire responsible for his wife’s death. After finding the vampire, Edgar confronts and questions her. She explaines that she had been watching him his whole life and that she wanted to turn him into her pet. She had been waiting for so long because she was afraid of Vazel, but finally now that she had lured him to her, by killing his wife, she would have him. After hearing all he could take Edgar fired a huge blast of wind followed by a flaming vortex to destroy the vampire once and for all.

The next day, after destroying the vampire that killed his wife, (and one can speculate that if she had been watching him for so long, could she have killed his parents aswell?). Edgar recieved a letter from The White Council, stating that they had been keeping an eye on him and that they could use a Wizard with his special talents. A few months later, after recieving what little training he had required, he gained the official title of Warden, participating in top secret missions focused on the elimination of dangerous targets. Also, during his time in training, he met a young vampire name Mia Reeves, who became inffatuated with him. His first mission was to hunt down a renegade Werewolf who had crossed the line between mortallity, and monstrosity. Edgar chose to complete his mission alone, refusing the offer of help made by Mia. It was a dark, cold, night, a perfect time for a hungry werewolf to hunt. Edgar tracked the beast to an alleyway where it had cornered a helpless couple. Before it could pounce, however, Edgar called “Validus Ventus”, and pushed the werewolf down the alley, away from the helpless couple. Suddenly, without warning, Mia appeared at the other end of the alley, trapping the werewolf. “No Mia! Shouted Edgar” But it was too late, the werewolf, startled, turned back around towards the couple and ran through them, tearing away flesh and bone as he went. Then, in a panick, Edgar called “Igneous Incedia!” and launched a huge vortex of fire toward the werewolf, incinerating it completely. “I’m so sorry, Edgar!”, Mia came running towards him, bawling her eyes out, “I just wanted to help, and now I’ve ruined your plan!” The report was a long one, but in it, Edgar protected Mia and blamed the deaths of the two people on himself.

It was a long time ago, one of the earlier missions that Edgar was assigned to. There had been reports that the death rate of werewolves in Vegas city had been steadily increasing over the past month, and that the number of suspicous, werewolf related deaths had also increased dramatically. Using his investigative skills, Edgar found that the werewolves were being targetting by a group of humans, a group of thugs, armed with guns and swords. In his report Edgar stated that if the werewolves found out who was doing the damage there could be a war, costing the lives of countless innocent werewolves and people, so the case was locked up and The White Council did the best they could to keep the thugs from killing. Unfortunatley, The White Council’s efforts were not good enough and one day two members of the Jefferies family were killed. Shortly after, the casefile containing all the information gathered on the thugs, was stolen from The White Council. It was suspected that Thomas Jefferies, and wellknown White Council werewolf had gone rogue and was responsible for the stolen information. Edgar was once again assigned to the case, and was given the task of finding, and capturing Thomas before the information he possesed lead to the deaths of many more individuals. After 2 years of playing cat-and-mouse with Thomas, Edgar had finally gathered all the information he needed, all the information he needed to stop chasing him. Edgar found out about his plans and how he was training his only son so that they could avenge their family, and as soon as he did, he wrote a false report, stating that Thomas was not the one who stole the information. He than contacted Thomas and told him that he understands and that if Ryan ever needed anything, he’d be willing to help. A few times during Ryan’s training Edgar came by to help out. He taught Ryan about magic and how dangerous it was.

Warren's Backstory
Trained by a great werewolf

My only family, my aunt and uncle, were murdered before my very eyes. I was just a boy. Then a man came. He claimed he could give me power. Power enough to destroy those who have wronged me. He was right.

I trained for ten years under the tutelage of a man I came to know as Thomas. Until that Day. I was now stronger than when I last set my eyes on my hometown of Vegas. With the help of Thomas, I tracked down the killers of my aunt and uncle, and I killed them. But it was not without sacrifice, Thomas died, and with his dying breath he told me he was my father.


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