Zachary "The Boss" Jefferies

Head of the local mob


Zachary “The Boss” Jefferies

High Concept: You Lucky Bastard!

Trouble: Winter’s a Bitch

Aspects: Powerful S.O.B, Former Warden

Skills: Superb: Guns Great: Alertness, Presence, Athletics Good: Discipline, Fists, Deceit, Rapport All other skills default to average


Mortal Killer: +2 to guns when used against mortals

Complete and Utter Domination: +2 to Presence when used against someone he’s already defeated in Social Combat

On my Toes: +2 to Alertness when used to determine initiative

Paranoid? Probably: +2 to alertness when used to determine suprise

Teflon Persona: Gain Armor: 1 to social

Target Rich Environment: Gain a +2 to guns when outnumbered

Stress: Physical: ○○○○ Social: ○○○○ Armor: 1 Mental: ○○○


Zachary "The Boss" Jefferies

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