Thomas Remark

Emissary of Lady Luck


Thomas Remark

High Concept: You Lucky Bastard!

Trouble: Winter’s a Bitch

Aspects: Powerful S.O.B, Former Warden

Skills: Fantastic: Conviction, Discipline Superb: Alertness, Lore Great: Presence, Athletics All other skills default to average

Powers: Evocation (Spirit/Force, Air, Fire | Specialization Spirit/Force +1 Power ) [-3] Thaumaturgy (Specialization Conjuration Complexity) [-3] Refinement (+2 Fire Power/Control, +2 Conjusration Complexity/Control) [-4] Sponsored Magic (Luck Magic)[-2] Item of Power[-4] Inhuman Speed[-2] Inhuman Strength[-2] The Catch (Cold Iron and the Like)[+2] Inhuman Toughness[-2] Inhuman Regeneration[-2]

Stress: Physical: ○○○○(○○) Armor:1 Social: ○○○ Mental: ○○○○ +1 Mild


Thomas Remark

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