Standard Nephilim


Skills: Superb(+5): Weapons, Fists Great(+4): Athletics Good (+3): Conviction All other skills default to Average (+1)

Powers: [-4] Supernatural Strength [-4] Supernatural Toughness [+3] Catch; silver Constitution [-1] Hulking Size, modified by Human Form. [-1] Absorb Punishment: Nephilim can absorb punishment better than most creatures. When a blow dealing physical stress hits, they can either reduce bonus stress from a high attack roll by 2 or halve bonus stress from the attacker’s strength powers, if any. Blows: Nephilim who give in to rage and their ability to destroy deal +2 stress with fits and heavy melee weapons.

Stress: Physical: ○○○○○○(○○○○) Armor:2 Mental: ○○○ +1 Mild Social: ○○

Notes: Awe-Inspiring (+11) hand-to-hand attacks, Average(+1) initiative, Superb (+5)[including armor, but not absorb Punishment], these guys hit hard, but are easy to get the drop on and hit. One needs to take them out with a blitzkreig, if they hope to attain victory.


Nephilim are offspring of a mortal and one of the Fallen in physical form. The Fallen must have constructed an actual physical body; merely possessing and warping a mortal does not count. This makes Nephilim extremely rare in the current age where the Fallen are not allowed much direct interference but they used to be very numerous once. The Nephilim are immortal and, combining human lack of wisdom with great power, often mature slowly. While they are physically adult in their thirties, they usually show some immaturity for decades more. Unlike their angel parents, they still eat and breathe and sleep like humans do and can be killed. Power-wise, the Nephilim start gaining enhanced physical attributes since birth and are as strong as giants when they enter adulthood. Eventually (as in centuries) they gain powers comparable to those of their angel parent but without any strings except what they apply themselves. Older Nephilim are bound by exaggerations of mortal failings; some are very violent and seek combat while others have failings like gluttony, lust and sloth. There are whispers that the first few generations of Nephilim eventually became the various pantheons of anthropomorphic gods of mythology – which would explain the extremely human nature of those gods.

Standard Nephilim

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