Anton Kazakov

Edgar's Brother from Hell


High Concept: Hell Mage

Trouble: Damn Wardens

Aspects: Edgar I’m Your Brother

Superb: Conviction
Great: Alertness, Lore
Good: Presence
Average: Discipline, Athletics
All other skills default to average

Channeling (Fire) [-2]
Ritual (Diabolism) [-2]
Lawbreaker (First) [-1]
Hellfire [-2]
Refinement (+3 off. Fire power, 4 enchanted item slots) [-3]
Arcane Resistance: 2 extra mental stress slots for the purposes of spell casting [-1]

Rote Spells:
Burn Baby Burn
Spirit (Fire) evocation
Power: 8 Shifts
Control: Roll discipline plus appropriate modifiers
Duration: Action
Opposed by: Targets Athletics

Physical: ooo
Social: oooo
Mental: oooo(oo) +1 mild

Quick Magic Guide

Fire Off. Power +9|Fire Off. Control +1

Fire Def. Power +5|Fire Def. Control +1


Anton Kazakov

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