Trained By a Great Werewolf


High Concept: Trained by a Great Werewolf
Trouble: Misogynist
Aspects: Well Connected, Hunger for Action, Escape Artist, I’m Going to Enjoy Watching You Die, Yippykayee Motherfucker

Superb( + 5): Endurance
Great( + 4): Intimidation, Fists
Good( + 3): Resources, Weapons, Investigation
Fair( + 2): Survival, Athletics, Contacts, Stealth
Average( + 1): Alertness Rapport, Presence, Guns

Human Form[ + 1]
Beast Change[ – 1]
Echoes of the Beast[ – 1]
Inhuman Speed[ – 2]
Inhuman Strength[ – 2]
The Catch (Silver)[ + 2] Affecting:
Inhuman Toughness[ – 2]
Inhuman Recovery[ – 2]

Evocation [ – 3]
Doctor [ – 1]
Claws [ – 1]

Physical: ○○○(○○) Armor:1
Mental: ○○
Social: ○○○


My only family, my aunt and uncle, were murdered before my very eyes. I was just a boy. Then a man came. He claimed he could give me power. Power enough to destroy those who have wronged me. He was right.

I trained for ten years under the tutelage of a man I came to know as Thomas. Until that Day. I was now stronger than when I last set my eyes on my hometown of Vegas. With the help of Thomas, I tracked down the killers of my aunt and uncle, and I killed them. But it was not without sacrifice, Thomas died, and with his dying breath he told me he was my father.

After the death of the last of my family, I decided to track down a group of vampire hunters to the town of Elleswraith. Tracking down the same group after they betrayed the Raith Family, a White Court Vampire, named Warren teamed up with Ryan.

When a bunch of Red Court Vampires move in on Raith Territory, Lord Raith orders Warren to stop it. Warren call in his old friend Ryan to help him track down the Reds.


An Act of Fate Darkman94