Megan Fox


High Concept: Demon Spawn Girlfriend of Marcus

Skills: Great(+4): Discipline Good(+3): Athletics, Guns All other skills default to Fair(+2)

Powers: Feeding Dependancy (blood) [+1] affecting: Domination (Master Dominator)[-4]

Stress: Physical: ○○○ Mental: ○○○ Social: ○○○

Notes: Fantastic(+6) mental attacks, Fair Initiative, often Carrying a Weapon:2 pistol, with a Good(+3) shooting.


Growing up on the streets of Vegas, was hard for Megan, so when her boyfriend Marcus, told her that they were Nephilim (children of a demon[and in their case the same demon], and a human) and that they could use their newfound skills to get some cash, Megan quickly jumped on the bandwagon. She quickly found it hard to live with herself, although she would never tell Marcus, she really wants to go straight.

Megan Fox

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