High Concept: Demon Spawn Gang Runner Trouble: Did I Mention, I’m the Son of a Demon? Who Runs a Gang?

Skills: Fantastic(+6): Weapons, Fists Superb(+5): Athletics Great(+4): Conviction, Discipline All other skills default to Fair(+2)

Powers: [-4] Supernatural Strength [-4] Supernatural Toughness [+3] Catch; silver [+0] Constitution [-1] Absorb Punishment: Nephilim can absorb punishment better than most creatures. When a blow dealing physical stress hits, they can either reduce bonus stress from a high attack roll by 2 or halve bonus stress from the attacker’s strength powers, if any. Blows: Nephilim who give in to rage and their ability to destroy deal +2 stress with fits and heavy melee weapons. [-4] Hellfire

Stress: Physical: ○○○○○○(○○○○) Armor:2 +1 Mild Mental: ○○○○ +1 Mild Social: ○○○

Notes: Awe-Inspiring (+11) hand-to-hand attacks, Average(+1) initiative, Superb (+5)[including armor, but not absorb Punishment], these guys hit hard, but are easy to get the drop on and hit. One needs to take them out with a blitzkreig, if they hope to attain victory.


Growing up in 1940s Vegas wasn’t easy for Marcus, his father was never around (his mother told him he was a soldier, of course now he knows she was lying), and the had to be a hooker just to pay the bills. He was constantly teased, by the other children, that is until the he burned one of them to death, with his powers. Marcus then quickly took to reading to learn what he is, and he found it: a Nephilim. the scion of a mortal, and a demon, who’s gifted with their less then human parent’s powers, without all the limitations. After confronting his mother with his newfound self-awareness, he discovered that she and a few of her friends wound up demon thralls, until a knight of the cross freed them, and in fact childhood friend, and now girlfriend, Elizabeth, was in the same situation (although she had much fewer powers than her boyfriend). Together, they discovered others with their gifts, and for Hells Champions, a local gang.


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