Maiya Reeves


High Concept: Young Vampire, who just wants to be human
Trouble: Was Sakura in a past life
Other Aspects: Mmmmm Kiba, Girly girl?, Don’t take advantage of me

Powers: Emotional Vampire [–1] Human Guise [ 0 ] Incite Emotion (Depression, Anger; Lasting Emotion, At Range) [–3]
Feeding Dependency [+1] affecting the following powers: Inhuman Strength [–2] Inhuman Speed [–2] Inhuman Recovery [–2], Inhuman Toughness [–2] Human Guise [ 0 ]

Stress: Mental ooo Physical oooo(oo) Social oo Hunger ooo

Fantastic +6 Athletics
Superb +5 Fists
Great +4 Empathy, Endurance
Good +3 Stealth, Alertness

All other skills default to +0


Maiya is a very young, slightly naive, and clumbsy white court vampire. She grew up in Vegas, with her parents. Her parents would constantly abuse her so that they could break her down and feed on her. Eventually as she got older she grew stronger and killed both of her parents. Maiya hates the fact that she is a vampire and wishes that she could just be an ordinary human. Despite her dark beginings Maiya presents an extremely happy exterior, frequently humming various upbeat tunes as she walks with a bounce in her step. However when she is put under too much pressure or when she messes up, which she usually does often given her naive and clumbsy nature, she breaks down almost immediatly. When Edgar Day was recieving training from the White Council, Maiya became inffatuated with him, constantly following him around. After Edgar finished his training, she rented out an appartment accross the street from him and now stops by to give him presents every once in a while.

Maiya Reeves

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