"I am no demon, yet I am no angel, I am nothing, and yet I am all. Fear me villain, for if you do not you will surley fall."


High Concept: The Son of Nothingness
Trouble: Conduit of chaos
Other: Creature of the night, The Humanity Within, Pragmatic, Oddly Insightful.

Supernatural Powers:

Marked by Power (Artemis) [-1]
Cassandra’s Tears [-0]
Wings [-1]
Arcane Resistance [-1]
Shade magic [-2]
The Sight [-1]
Soulgaze [-0]; discounted due to the Sight.
Emotional Vampire [-1]
Incite Emotion (Touch Only) [-1]
Feeding Dependency [+ 2], affecting the following skills,
Inhuman Speed [-2]
Inhuman Strength [-2]
Inhuman Recovery [-2]
Supernatural Toughness [-4]; the Catch is Bright Light [+ 4], and True Love [+ 0]

Final Refresh: 1


[+ 6] Weapons
[+ 5] Athletics, Discipline
[+ 4] Might, Intimidation
[+ 3] Endurance, Conviction
[+ 2] Rapport, Stealth
[+ 1] Lore, Presence


Physical: oooo(oooo), Armor 2
Mental: oooo(oo)
Social: ooo
Hunger: oooo


When the waves of dark magic cascading throughout Las Vegas were deflected they crashed into each other causing rips in the fabric of reality. These rips were quickly filled with the very essence of those who had deflected the waves, creating life within the black nothingness. When the overpowering force had finally run it’s course a new being was created, Azriel. Some may speculate that he has no identity to call his own due to the circumstances of his birth, but Azriel begs to differ.


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