Powerful S.O.B



High Concept: Chaos Mage

Trouble: Out of his Mind

Aspects: Powerful S.O.B, Thought to be Dead, Mind Master

Skills: Fantastic: Conviction, Discipline Superb: Alertness, Lore Great: Presence All other skills default to average

Powers: Evocation (Spirit/Force, Air, Fire | Specialization Off. Spirit/Force +2 Power ) [-3] Thaumaturgy (Specialization Conjuration) [-3] Lawbreaker (First, Third, Fourth, Fifth) [-4] Refinement (+10 Off. Spirit Power, +4 Off. Spirit Control +10 Conjuration power) [-13]

Rote Spells: Mind Spike Spirit (Mind) evocation Power: 18 Shifts Control: Roll discipline plus appropriate modifiers Duration: One Excahange Opposed by: Targets Discipline Variation: Can be used to place the NEED TO CONCENTRATE aspect on an opponent.

Stress: Physical: ○○○ Social: ○○○ Mental: ○○○○○○○○

Quick Magic Guide

Fire Off. Power +6|Fire Off. Control +6

Fire Def. Power +6|Fire Def. Control +6

Water Off. Power +6|Water Off. Control +6

Water Def. Power +6|Water Def. Control +6

Earth Off. Power +6|Earth Off. Control +6

Earth Def. Power +6|Earth Def. Control +6

Air Off. Power +6|Air Off. Control +6

Air Def. Power +6|Air Def. Control +6

Spirit/Force Off. Power +18|Spirit/Force Off. Control +10

Spirit/Force Def. Power +6|Spirit/Force Def. Control +6


Perhaps the most powerful wizard on the planet, Artemis is thought to be dead by the White Council (in spite of the events in the Perfect Strom case file). He perpetually wears a red robe with golden accents, hiding what appears to be burn marks. Although he has caused a variety of world issues, the one he is most famous for is World War Two, using mind magic to drive Hitler insane during his stay in German Federal Prison for his attempted Coup D’Etat. In the Perfect Storm case file Artemis attempted to use an ancient ritual to gain control of all White Court Vampires and use them to destroy the White Council.


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