Lord Raith


Lord Raith
High Concept: King of the White Court
Trouble: Ruthless Nobles
Other Aspects: Stunningly Handsome;
Father of Thomas and Lara Raith; Ruthless S.O.B.
Alertness: Good (3)
Athletics: Great (
Contacts: Good (3)
Conviction: Good (
Deceit: Superb (5)
Discipline: Superb (
Endurance: Great (4)
Fists: Fair (
Guns: Good (3)
Intimidation: Great (
Investigation: Fair (2)
Lore: Good (
Presence: Superb (5)
Rapport: Great (
Resources: Superb (5)
Stealth: Good (
Weapons: Great (4)
Lord Raith has few skills below Fair.
Personal Magnetism (Presence): When rolling
Presence to establish a “passive” reaction to him,
Lord Raith makes the roll at +2.
Mental oooo Physical oooo
Social oooo, extra mild consequence Hunger oooo
Total Refresh Cost: –17
Emotional Vampire [–1]
Human Guise [
Incite Emotion (Lust; Lasting Emotion, Potent
Emotion, At Range) [–4]
Feeding Dependency 1] affecting the following
Supernatural Strength [–4]
Supernatural Speed [–4]
Supernatural Recovery [–4]
The Catch [
0] is True Love.


The head of House Raith and the White King of vampires, Lord Raith is the father of Lara, Thomas, and Inari—as well as three other daughters and a not inconsiderable number of deceased sons—and the uncle of Madeline and Madrigal Raith. While Lara is his eldest surviving child, Inari is the apple of his eye. He has often viewed Thomas as something of an embarrassment, despite being the only one of his sons to have survived for so many years. Though Lord Raith respects and fears members of the Red Court, he has repeatedly insulted them by sending Thomas—his least regarded child—as his emissary to them. It is his policy not to tell his children about their supernatural nature until they become full White Court vampires by feeding to death on their first sexual partner. He has inculcated a strong sense of family among his children—primarily to better control them. (And he sexually fed on his own daughters to break their will and dominate them.)
Lord Raith is 6’ tall, with broad shoulders. He is extremely handsome, with dark hair, pale flesh, and the eyes of a drowsy jaguar. He wears a scarlet gem in his left earlobe. His voice is deep and quiet and as smooth as honey. All told, Raith is remarkably sexy. He’s smart, experienced, subtle, and fast—a dangerous foe. In addition to being an old and powerful White Court vampire (and thus having access to the Kiss of Death, able to rip the life out of anyone), he may have magic of his own. It is known that he is protected from magic by something big—a huge demon, an Old God, an Outsider—such that even the best efforts of Ebenezar McCoy have been unable to harm him. This protection is an aura of…nothing: a void, cold hungry emptiness—like mordite—that just sucks up magic.
Starting in the 16th or 17th Century, Raith has painted pictures of the women who bear his children. The first portrait in his gallery (located at Chateau Raith in Chicago) is Emilia Alexandria Salazar. Every 20-30 years, he finds a woman and has a child by her, then—when he tires of her—Feeds.
He backed the Evil Eye Franchise of the three Ex-Mrs. Genosas—Madge Shelly, Lucille Delarossa, and Trixie Vixen—to punish Arturo Genosa for breaking away from Silverlight, the adult film studio controlled by House Raith. When Lord Raith discovered that the entropy curse had targeted Inari, however, he had Lucille killed by Madge Shelly to feed their Outsider sponsor, He Who Walks Behind.Lord Raith knows Harry Dresden on sight. He sent the injured Inari to Harry in an attempt to kill him and turn her, while simultaneously sending Justine to an injured Thomas in an attempt to kill her.
At the conclusion of that case, his daughter Lara Fed on him, turning the tables and assuming dominance over him. Only a few people know the score—among them Harry, Murphy, and Thomas; Marcone seems to have some suspicions.
Lord Raith has begun approaching the Red Court to begin peace talks with the White Council to end the Vampire War.
During the White Court conclave at the Deeps during the White Night case, Lord Lord Raith was taken to safety by Harry’s allies.


Father of Lara Raith

Lord Raith

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