An Act of Fate

Warren Raith's Backstory

Promiscuous White Court Vampire

I grew up in West Side Hollywood. I am Caucasian and a devoted Satanist. My family circumstances were rocky, as my family tended to disapprove of the fact that I always tried to sacrifice my brothers to the great Overlord. In private school, I joined a cult as an extracurricular activity. Lacking long-term friends, I was always in trouble.

My first true, who showed me to his sister, really showed me who I was inside, especially after I screwed his sister. After that, my sister Lara Raith, showed me how far I could use my body, and how to survive in the real world. I learned that sex is okay, so long as you don’t think about who you screw.

When a bunch of Red Court Vampires move in on Raith territory, Lord Raith orders Warren to stop it. Warren calls in his friend Ryan to to track down the Reds.

After the death of the last of Ryan’s family, Ryan decided to track down a group of vampire hunters to the town of Elleswraith. Tracking down the same group after they betrayed the Raith Family Warren teamed up with Ryan.



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