An Act of Fate

Things Have Changed

The kiwi rots from the inside out

Things have changed since the death of Edgar Kazakov. The stench of lawlessness runs rampant through the supernatural community in Las Vegas, and lawlessness invites darkness. Kiwi Investigations has plenty of darkness in its past. Their darkest threat has returned, with a new bag of tricks. It all started when Kiwi hired Arden Summerfield, an ex-marine wereshark recommended by Warren. At first things were great but when it was discovered Arden was having an affair (not the married kind, the rampant sex kind) with Maiya Reeves, Ryan grew angry, he felt that Edgar’s memory wasn’t being respected. Contentions grew within the group.

Things were at a boiling point when zombies started roaming the streets, killing people. As usual, Kiwi got involved. Perhaps had they not, things would’ve turned out differently. Kiwi started out at the home of Julia summers, a housewife killed in her home with her young children watching. Ryan used his potent sense of smell to trace the corpse back to a warehouse, although deep down he wishes he hadn’t. What they found there would haunt their dreams forever.

Row upon row of rotting corpses, building up supernatural power as the rot of death grew deeper into their bones. As they investigated the warehouse, a feeling of dread fell upon them, they began to relive their greatest falls. Ryan remembered when he sold out Edgar to Winter. Warren brought back memories of when he abandoned Edgar in the warehouse, hopeful that he would come out alive. Finally, Arden was forced back through the death of his fiancée.

Overwhelmed with the sorrows of their past, personalities finally reached a pitch. The rage each felt after the death of Edgar, and Arden’s stress over his lack of acceptance fueled the flames of battle. The battle raged on until a spark of dark magic rippled through the factory, soon zombies – old and new – began to attack the group. Turning from their battle, they ripped their way through the waves of zombies, but there were so many. They barely managed to escape. The group soon parted ways.

But none of them could let the innocent suffer. They each began to work through the attacks, deducing clues as to the origin of these creatures. Perhaps however, had they worked together, they could have prevented the tragedy that was to come. They traced the magic back to Artemis, the greatest of all the threats they’ve ever faced. The powerful mage was preparing the Darkhallow, a powerful dark ritual that rips through the life force of people nearby, killing them and empowering the user. The group tried to stop the dark mage, but struggled to work together, the ritual went off. In a blast of dark magic all of Las Vegas was killed. Ryan used the powers he had developed since Edgar’s death to shield himself and Warren, but Arden couldn’t be saved. When the dust settled, Artemis was gone.



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