An Act of Fate

Edgar's Journal

Today was one hell of a kind of day. After a great couple weeks off, relaxing in my dark appartment, I was reminded of how messed up the world is. As soon as I made it to the office, Thomas Remark burst in the door, cut and bloody, yelling at us to stop our wards. Unfortunatley, I didn’t realize who he was right then, and I refused to stop the wards around our building. Annnnd then, of course, out of nowhere black shadows engulfed the whole building. After Thomas blasted one of the creatures with a burst of purple light (which is how I figured out that he actually was Thomas Remark), I was able to see that the creatures were fey in origin and that they had a weakness to light. I don’t have any idea what the heck Ryan was doing at this point, I’m pretty sure he transformed into a wolf and then just kind of sat still… anyways… after Thomas attacked, and Ryan sat down, I annihilated the remaining shadow creates with an explosion of fire.

After the attack, I asked Thomas what the hell was going on, and he told me that he had been attacked by the Winter, and that Lady Luck had stopped supplying him with power. Now that I think about it, I probably could of investigated a little more about the dark fey creatures that just engulfed our building. I mean, if those things were working for the Winter wouldn’t they have been a little more icy looking? Oh well, maybe i’ll have to go talk to Thomas later. Where was I… Oh yeah, well I remembered hearing somewhere that Lady Luck likes to hang out in a hotel/casino called the Mirage, so where else would we begin our investigation. We could’ve made it there faster but Ryan wouldn’t let me ride on his back while he was in wolf form, so we just took my car. Once we made it to the casino I walked up the the front desk and asked the first clerk I saw where Lady Luck was. He then told me she was in the casino gambling. After a very thorough search of the casino Ryan and I determined that Lady Luck was no where to be found. We returned to the clerk who
was clearly only actually interested in telling people what they wanted so that they would go inside the casino and gamble. At that point my I stepped closer to the clerk and my magic essense completely destroyed all the computers at the desk, scaring him. Then Ryan proceded to intimidate him until he crapped his pants. Finally his eyes flashed purple and he told us that Lady Luck had been taken by the Winter.

After that the rest is pretty much history. We founds a portal to Summer, asked for their assistance, got rejected and then travelled to Winter. Once we arived, we pretty much assumed that the largest building in the city would be where Mav would be preparing to exacute Lady Luck. So we rushed up the stairs, I distracted Mav, while Ryan and Warren took Lady Luck. Then we made a daring escape with the help of Lady Luck’s powers and made it back to Vegas safetly, and soudnly. Upon arrival of my small appartment I met a man who claimed he was my brother, and he pretty much forced me to make some kind of oath to save his life, but now if he doesn’t anything bad I’ll be killed by the Council. Phew! I could use a vacation right about now.


Dear Journal. Today was, yet again another one of those days where you feel almost like one of the main protaganists in an epic novel. But sheesh, what am I saying, that’s just life I guess. We started out the day with a call from the police station, saying that they found the dead body of a girl and that they needed our help. From the looks of things, the body seems pretty normal, nothign really suspicous except for a strange magical residew that only I could see. Without havign any leads we decided it would be best to investigate the girl’s home. Upon further invesgation we found more of the suspicous residew and followed it to a van parked nearby… Ok, really, what kind of supernatural creature drives a van to some random girl’s house, kills her, and then just goes to have a nap in the van, which is just parked across the street from a crime scene? Well I’ll tell you what kind of creature that is! We approached the van with caution, not wanted to meet the same fate as the girl who died, then opened the doors and stood back. Meghan Fox?!?! WTH? Alright, well your under arrest. But no, she jumps at us with huge class and tries to kill us too (so much for caution). After we easily over powered and subdued her we brought her back to our special interigation facility. After interigating her until she was soaked with blood and tears we left her tied up and left to go find her boss, who was apparently

We arrived at what must’ve been the 9000th casino/hotel in Vegas, and were greated by a [insert generic traits here] security gaurd. Using my superior stealth prowess, I concealed myself using my trench coat and infiltrated the building, along with Ryan and Warren. We figured out that was up in the penthouse hanging with his homies, so we decided to crash the party. Unfortunatly, I can’t use most elevators, but I decided to short all the them out anyways, incase called for back up. As soon as we made it to the penthouse and his group opened fire. So we fired back and killed them. Ahh, another job well done! I did have a bullet in my leg though so I had to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, when I got there 3 people who were on life suport mysteriously died, and the docters were also all of a sudden extremly busy, so I didn’t get treated for an entire week.

Edgar's Journal

Dear Journal, i’ve decided to name you Jannet and call you that from now on.
Ahhh, out of the hospital at last! Oh, but wait, it get’s better. After walking out of the hospital for 2 minutes I noticed that some mysterious women was following me. I proceeded to shake her and then turn the hunter into the hunted! I’ll be honest, that didn’t work out so well for me, as she turned around wehn I was following her and then attacked me, somehow using my own magic against me, which took me by suprise. She then told me that she then knocked me out and when I awoke I was inside a dark, confined space. She was sitting beside me and told me things that I never should have known. I won’t write what she told me, incase anyone ever reads this Jannet entry. So, fortunatly, they seemed to be on my side, I mean, they didn’t kill me and they were from my homeland… they were just slightly… uh, angry people, though. Anyways, needless to say, I made it back to The Kiwi base safelty. At that moment I decided to call Ryan and see what was going on, it seemed that we were going to be short Warren today, and I didn’t know where my brother was. Ryan said he was doing his own thing today so I decided, well… I may aswell go home. Before entering my apartment I met a girl who gave me a note, which turned out to be from Maiya. It stated that the girl in front of me was very intuitive. …Well thanks Maiya… The girl in front of me who was apparently one of Maiya’s friends and co-workers, told me that Maiya had gone missing a few days ago and that she was worried. So the hunt begins! The first stop I made was obviously going to be Maiya’s work.

Scaring the employees at Banana republic was a fairly simple task… getting information out of them, was another thing. Eventually, after I interigated all of Maiya’s co-workers I got the key to the store and went in later that night to look for clues. I found a piece of hair on her that must have come from one of the cowerkers I met before. Knowing that Maiya would never want to be with anyone else because of her affection for me I deduced that the hair must have been transfered during some kind of strugle. Using Thaumaturgy and a little detective work I tracked down the co-worker who’s head the hair belonged too. It was a male vampire, though I don’t remember his name. When I confronted him, he enganged me in combat and after defeating him, I proceeded to intimidate all the information I needed out of him. I found out the location of the Grey-court, who turned out to be the ones responsible for taking Maiya. After scouting their base, which was filled with over 100 grey court vampires, I concluded that there was no possible way for me to storm in by myself and rescue her, I needed help. With Ryan doing his own thing, and unwilling to help, I remembered that during the confrontation with her co-worker, I used a nearby human as a meat shield against. So… If one human meat shield worked then, lots of human meat shields would work now! I proceeded to call the only contact I could think of for help, the entire Las Vegas police force, including DEA, FBI etc. With the building surrounded by over 1000 of my sacrificial pawns the war commenced. It was a blood bath. Nearly everyoen on both sides dead, but now I could rescue Maiya.

…will continue in a bit…

Edgar's Journal

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