An Act of Fate

Azriel's log

This world’s air floated freely, fleeting at first as is waffted in and out of my lungs. The sun’s light blazed brightly, bolstering my confidence before I was truly sure of where I was. Finaly I realized what was really going on.
I was alive.
But why? How did I know this was life? Where were these thoughts and feelings comng from? I have no recollection of my birth, no past memories for me to derive an answer from, and yet I can still ask. I took my first steps into this new world, it’s sun filling me with hope, but at the same time draining the blood from my face.
I needed answers, I needed to know why.
Soon after, the images of two men appeared before me. I was sure that I had never met them before but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I knew them. Maybe that’s the reason why, or maybe I thought they had the answers which I needed to find, but for some reason I joined them. I’m not afraid of what the future might hold, it’s the only salvation I’ve got. So I’ll venture forth with my new found comrades, with these seemingly familiar men, and with luck one day I’ll find my answers.
It all happened so quickly. Upon meeting them I found out their names: Ryan, and Warren, a werewolf and vampire respectively. Then after a moment of confusion they proceeded to give me my own name, Azriel they called me, the embassador of death. I liked it, it sounded powerful. There was a lot to say after the initial greeting, the two explained the horrific events to me which had demolished Las Vegas and apparently created me. The story didn’t make too much sense at first, but then again, at this point nothing really does.
Suddenly many flashes of bright light began to bombarred my eyes. These flashes grew more intense as the sounds of Ryan and Warren’s voices disapeared into the background. Vivid images thinly veiled by fog swirled around my head as I began to hear voices that I’d never heard before. Lon… London. We needed to go to London.



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